How can website replication help your business quickly develop a web presence?


FocalPoint is uniquely designed to help your company easily and effectively develop and maintain a web presence. Landing pages and other presentation websites are available for each team member giving your company a consistent look throughout your organization. Through the sharing of the landing pages by your members, your web presence will continue to grow larger.

The more team members you have in the system, the quicker your presence can grow amongst the community. Many members use social media to help them get the word out about their sites and gain interest from prospective new leads. Social media is a valuable tool in helping your presence grow and spreading awareness about your company.

While the majority of the content on the landing pages is the same, each member can personalize their sites with their contact information and a photo of themselves. Personalizing the sites helps your members seem more real to prospective contacts. Contacts now can see the person they will be communicating with and know that they can be reached if they have more questions about the system. Photos do not have to be professional at all. A simple, clear snapshot is all that is needed to add a personal touch to the landing pages. Members can also create a new email address at any free email provider just for emails directed at information for your company. No need for them to use their private, personal emails for notifications and information from FocalPoint.

With your members’ contact list growing every day with more interested leads, so does your member list. Many new contacts become interested in becoming a team member as well after seeing how easy it is to use the sites and become a contact. With each new member and every new contact your web presence grows and grows.

A Replicating Website – The Key to Success in Any Business


If you’re looking for solutions that will help your direct marketing business become successful, then you should definitely consider a replicating website. This is a great way to build the recognition of your brand, send a consistent message, and make things easier overall for you and your distributors.

Build Brand Recognition

A replicating website is one of the key factors in building brand recognition. Whether you’re selling a brand new product or service or one that people can already recognize, it is important for all of your websites to follow in the same pattern so that individuals can see a logo and/or a color pattern and instantly associate those things with your brand. In this manner, each time someone sees that logo – whether online, in a retail store, or in someone else’s home – they will know exactly where the product came from and where they can go to obtain it.

Consistent Message across All Websites

A replicating website also delivers a consistent message across all distributor websites. For the most part, each site is exactly the same as the next. Very little is actually personalized on behalf of each distributor, so the slogans and information are all the same. This way, regardless of the site that a user chooses, they’ll experience the consistency that is often associated with an established, professional business. This is exactly the image you want to portray since it will draw in new customers and keep the existing ones coming back time and time again.

Easy For Affiliates

Another factor that is crucial to the success of your business is the overall happiness and success of your individual distributors. Getting them started should be as simple as possible; you don’t want them to have to go through the hassle of coding their own websites, after all. A replicating website takes the headache out of setup for both you and the affiliates. Essentially, all the distributor must do is key in a bit of information, submit it, and the website will populate with their personal information. All of the sites are the same with the exception of a bit of information about (and perhaps a photo of) the distributor.

Simple Tools and Tracking

Finally, these sites come with state-of-the-art tracking tools that allow you to watch over your team. They’ll also allow your team to keep track of their progress on an individual basis. For instance, they can view the number of leads they have generated, number of website visitors, and even their site visitors’ interactions. The contact management section is a perfect way to keep track of leads, and your distributors can benefit from functions like autoresponders and landing pages designed to work in favor of your business.

Overall, a replicating website is a great way to not only make things more streamlined for your existing and potential customers, but also for your distributors. The idea that a personalized, brand-consistent website is affordable, user-friendly, and just a few clicks away is certainly an exciting one.

Introducing FocalPoint


Are you looking for an easy to use marketing system for your members?

FocalPoint could be just the service for you!

Completely customized for your group or company, FocalPoint provides your members with the ability to reach out and educate others on your products or services.

All FocalPoint accounts come with a back office to help your members manage their contacts. Contact management is easy, offering multiple categories to separate your contacts appropriately.

Each member is provided replicated versions of lead capture pages you help design. These are used to attract interest in your product or service. Once a new contact fills out the web form, they are added into the system and will then begin receiving autoresponder messages with information related to the landing page they visited.

Autoresponder email messages can target prospects interested in joining your opportunity or customers interested in making a purchase. These messages enable your members to automatically stay in touch with all their new contacts. Since you decide what you want them to say, autoresponder emails are geared specifically towards your group or company’s offerings and are sent periodically to keep all contacts informed.

The FocalPoint system also helps your members keep track of their contact’s interest level. Delivery reports can be run at any time. Delivery and web reports let your members know which contacts are opening their email, visiting their websites, or viewing their videos.

FocalPoint lets you provide your members with phone scripts to use when they make follow-up calls to their potential customers and prospects. You can also provide your members with targeted training material.

If you are worried that FocalPoint may be difficult for your members to use, don’t be!

FocalPoint is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Any questions can be answered by the included educational help videos, user guide, or our excellent customer care team members who are available by phone or live chat!