FocalPoint Completes the

Cycle of Duplication

Why Your Team will LOVE FocalPoint:

  • ALL of the tools, services, and training in just one place
  • Builds competence, self-confidence, and belief levels
  • Instills team focus while fostering enthusiasm and excitement
  • Eliminate distractions and time-wasting activities
  • Leverages time and effort with a proven system

FocalPoint is the industry-leading, fully customizable all-in-one marketing and training solution designed to meet the needs of network marketing teams and direct sales companies. FocalPoint is the answer to providing distributors with an expertly branded and replicated online system, complete with the full suite of integrated tools, services, and training they require to succeed individually.

Why FocalPoint? Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Most average distributors (people) desperately need a professional automated sales and presentation system to promote their product and opportunity and follow-up with prospects. FocalPoint fully leverages the activity of every distributor and maximizes their results.

FocalPoint means rapid growth and continued momentum for your team. Whether your group is 300 or 3,000,000 strong, FocalPoint is a guaranteed game changer.

Clone Distributor Success Overnight

FocalPoint duplicates your successful sales process. It captures and replicates your marketing message and unique selling propositions through compelling tools such as your targeted landing pages or iTeleCenter's sizzle-line feature. It can deliver your effective, media-rich presentation and then continue to automatically follow-up with professionally-written autoresponders. Additional features and tools enhance and support the sales and conversion process.

FocalPoint totally supports new distributors from Day One. It answers their question, “What do I do now?” FocalPoint saves hours of repetitive training and coaching by sponsors who benefit immediately with more time to sell, recruit, build and grow their own businesses.

The Bottom Line: Without exception, every large organization experiencing massive growth in today’s marketplace is supported by a replicated and automated presentation and follow-up system. Many of them are FocalPoint systems.

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