Kelly Reese - Founder of Brilliant Income Club

FocalPoint accommodated every customization we desired

I was looking for specific customizations and functionality and FocalPoint provided it. The FocalPoint team is great to work with and responsive. I’m convinced if you have a vision of your sales funnel in your head, FocalPoint is able to replicate it in real time for you.


Gregory Mascari - MXI (Xocai) Diamond Executive, Olympia, WA

FocalPoint’s design and support team… the best I’ve ever worked with

FocalPoint is the most flexible and powerful system I have seen, and by far the best back office I have ever used. The FocalPoint team is very capable and responsive to ongoing changes, tweaks, and enhancements. I would highly recommend FocalPoint and the FocalPoint team to any organization or company looking for a powerful, flexible and state-of-the-art self-replicating web system.


Mike Stalling - Board of Directors, Coastal Vacations, West Mansfield, OH

Amazing 33% productivity increase

FocalPoint provides just an unbelievable advantage…I see an increase in productivity by 33% and amazing results from the field. I truly believe that it is one of the foremost reasons for our success. FocalPoint is easy to introduce to newbies and they get it. It’s easy to learn and get around. Plus it has all the unique features we want integrated all in one location!


Steven Seppinni - Consultant & Speaker for Direct Selling Companies

Supports groups of 150,000+

FocalPoint is my go-to choice for a leading-edge marketing system built to leverage the Internet and distributor resources to their fullest. It is simple to manage and provides me with an instant training and communication process to increase the success & retention of my organization. Having built direct selling forces with over 150,000 people, I can’t imagine not using FocalPoint.


Dale Calvert – Leader & Corporate Trainer for MPB Today

FocalPoint gave us a quantum leap forward

I found myself spending hours administering and replicating a custom-built online system and realized it was time to go pro. FocalPoint was able to replicate our system exactly while providing all sorts of new connectivity and integration. Now I’m able to spend my time leading, recruiting, and training - not administering and building websites one-by-one!


Jeffrey Boyle – Network Marketing Industry Consultant

Great System with Exceptional Customer Service

Having previously owned a Network Marketing Company, and currently serving as a Consultant to the Industry, I have worked with a lot of software programs and companies. I chose FocalPoint because this system works. The response time to my requests & the Customer Service is beyond expectation. I am thrilled to work with FocalPoint for my Explosive Income System and I highly recommend it to any Leader or Company.


John Breck - CEO of Vacations Royale LLC

This system is smokin hot and easy to navigate! Tell your team I said thank you for their professionalism and for delivering the system on the date they projected.

It makes my job a lot easier. Our IBO's love this system because all they have to do is drive traffic to it. Our pages are converting and the system does the sifting, sorting, communicating and selling which makes it easier for our IBO's.
Thanks again!