Reliability, Scalability, & Redundancy!

In our 20+ year tenure, we’ve become an industry leader developing and deploying cutting edge web based solutions at an affordable price. Our web based services include Online Marketing Systems, Email Marketing Systems, Replicated Websites and Contact Management Systems. These services have helped thousands of our clients grow their businesses. Our clients range from individuals and home based businesses to Fortune 500 companies and International organizations.

For the Technology Geek in all of us, here are some specifics on the technology behind our services, the Infrastructure, Security and Maintenance.

If you don’t have a strong desire to understand the behind-the-scenes aspects of FocalPoint then just know this - we’ve got you covered!

Reliability & Redundancy

As a cloud service provider we realize that 24x7x365 uptime is critical. With that said, we have implemented an advanced architecture that provides the highest level of reliability and redundancy. Our primary data center is located in a secure New Jersey location. In addition to our primary data center, we have a redundant data center in Philadelphia, PA. An IP-based system monitors the network 24/7 and alerts our administrators of network connectivity, hardware, and software issues through an escalated system of alerts (including email and cellular notifications). In the event of a natural disaster or major failure, our backup servers in Philadelphia can run our entire operations.


Whether you have 100 or 10,000,000 distributors, FocalPoint can scale to support your organization! This includes the bandwidth to support quality video streaming and presentations. There is virtually no limit to our scalability options.

Email Delivery

For subscribers to open your email, click on links and place orders, they have to first receive those email items in their inboxes.

We pride ourselves on getting your requested email delivered by:

  • Enforcing a zero tolerance anti-spam policy.
  • Authenticating email with SPF and Domain Keys.
  • Working with the major ISPs.
  • Proactively seeking out and resolving potential delivery issues.
  • Years of experience and tens of millions of emails delivered every month.

System Backups

Our database servers are backed up in real time to our backup data center in Philadelphia. In addition, local and additional offsite backups are performed on a regular basis. With FocalPoint, you will never have to worry about the safety and integrity of your data!