THE MOST VALUABLE FEATURE of FOCALPOINT? Every distributor can instantly plug into their own personalized, pre-loaded system ready to go with ALL of their integrated tools and features in place with just one click!


Please keep in mind that all of FocalPoint's features work together seamlessly:

  • Lead capture

    Lead Capture Pages

    Use multiple landing or “squeeze” pages to target and attract a flow of retail and/or business prospects.

  • Presentation Websites – Replicated websites

    Presentation Websites

    Your best opportunity to deliver a professional and compelling pitch to impress your audience.

  • Email Autoresponders

    Email Autoresponders

    Send targeted email campaigns to prospects that come through your lead capture pages.

  • Multiple Languages

    Multiple Languages

    Lead capture pages, presentation sites and your members' back office can be presented in the language of your choice - or in multiple languages.

  • Automated Webinar

    Automated Webinar

    Sell your product or opportunity via scheduled presentations. Grab visitor contact info when they sign up to attend. Webinars can contain Multiple Calls to Action. Autoresponders are sent based on visitor attendance, absence, action or non-action.

  • Team Sharing

    Team Sharing

    Leaders within your organization can share their custom contact categories, email campaigns, training and more!

  • Online Contact Manager

    Online Contact Manager

    Cloud-based access from any computer or smart phone puts everything at your fingertips. Unlimited contacts!

  •  Optimized for iPad/Tablet - Manage your system

    Optimized for iPad/Tablet

    Manage your system on your iPad/tablet. Presentation sites
    and videos look great.

  • Training Certification

    Training Certification

    Give all of your members access to the same training material. See where they are in the certification process as they complete each module.

  • iTeleCenter® Toll Free Virtual Phone System

    iTeleCenter® Toll Free Virtual Phone System

    iTeleCenter’s industry-leading virtual phone service includes a personal local or toll free number.

  • Monthly Leads Subscription

    Monthly Leads Subscription

    We negotiated with the top lead brokers to bring low cost biz opp leads to your team. For a low monthly fee, your team members will have over 100 new prospects each month. This will provide them a constant traffic stream.

  • iCallBlazer - Dial phones, leave messages


    Dial phones, leave messages, send follow-up emails, and maintain perfect contact notes with one mouse click!

  • Social Networking Friendly webpage for distributors

    “About Me” Page

    Social Networking Friendly webpage for distributors – Puts a name with the face! 100% Customizable.

  • Calendar and Task List

    Calendar & Task List

    Admin can post events, webinars, and conference calls globally while distributors keep their own to-dos.

  • Activity Tracker and Instant Alert Notifications

    Activity Tracker & Instant Alert Notifications

    Track a contact through the entire sales cycle. Receive instant text messages or emails about important activities.

  • iPhone/Android Apps

    iPhone/Android Apps

    Easily manage contacts on-the-go! Get push alerts for recent activity, etc. Keeps your business at your fingertips.

  • Import Contacts

    Import Contacts

    Import lists with industry standard csv files, and 1–click easy import from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

  • Lead Rotators

    Lead Rotators

    Empower groups within your sales team to co-op their efforts and leverage their resources.

  • Custom Web Forms

    Custom Web Forms

    Create web capture forms for any web page such as blogs and social networking sites with cut-and-paste ease.

  • Call and Follow-up Scripts

    Phone Scripts

    Professional pre-written call scripts help distributors by providing the right thing to say at the right time.

  • Personalized Flyers

    Personalized Flyers

    Ready-to-go personalized promotional tools including flyers, posters, postcards, business cards and more.

  • Marketing Resource Center

    Marketing Resource Center

    Versatile and easy admin-updatable area to instantly post links, content, training, and provide community support.

  • Friendly Customer Support

    Friendly Customer Support

    U.S.-based customer support available via Phone/Chat/Email to help distributors when they need it.

  • Group Email Broadcasting

    Group Email Broadcasting

    Send new or pre-written email to any individual or group quickly, effectively, and professionally.

  • Custom Domain

    Custom Domain

    Distributors are able to promote their system by forwarding their own domain name.

  • Audio/Video Manager

    Audio/Video Manager

    Distributors can use pre-loaded video and upload their own for Video Email, About Me pages, and more.

  • Lead Vendor Options

    Lead Vendor Options

    Allow your team to purchase leads from approved lead vendors. Leads are imported directly into the system.

  • Personal Conference Bridge

    Personal Conference Bridge

    Distributor get 24/7 conference-calling (up to 100 participants) with record, download, and playback options.

  • Follow up Email Messages

    Follow-up Email Messages

    Professional pre-written follow-up email messages help distributors efficiently follow up with their prospects.

  • Mobile Video with Visitor Tracking

    Mobile Video with Visitor Tracking

    HTML5 page design insures optimal playback quality. Tracks visitor viewing behavior on all mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

  • Affiliate Commissions

    Affiliate Commissions

    Offer up to two levels of Affiliate commissions to your team based on the markup over your wholesale subscription cost.

All these great FocalPoint Features integrate with your content to create your personally branded and perfectly-designed marketing machine! See how our clients leverage FocalPoint's customization and versatility on our Showcase page.